About us

Who needs Thrive services and what are the most important decision factors?

If you are a manufacturer and want to sell products to retail customers, you are our potential  customer. Bakeries and automotive companies especially need our services as they sell mostly to retail customers. Also stationary and office products suppliers account for a large group of our potential customers.

Three factors listed below are crucial for our customers.

On-time delivery

This is a promise we have to fulfill. Our customers need products on time, as they deliver them to their business partners. Speaking of time, one must be aware that the vacuum thermoforming method needs time. This is because we need to produce a proper form. This is crucial in relation to the second important aspect – quality. 


Proper product quality is due to machines, but also to our own heads. It means we clearly define production process basing on our experience. We also control it in the due course. 


This factor depends i.e. on the form size or the order volume. If your product is of non-standard shape or size, it will affect the cost of production.

What differentiates Thrive from other similar companies?

As quality matters a lot for us, we put much weight on advising our customers – especially those with less experience. We also make suggestions and correct the given production process if we spot any danger for quality.

We are also open to customers’ remarks and ideas. We carefully listen to them and decide whether they will be helpful in the process. It not, we clearly recommend other solutions that might leverage the process.

If you asked me personally about our advantages, I would just say: “Give us your product – we will pack it and deliver to you on time in the best possible way.”

If you need packaging services, fill in the contact form. We will call you back to talk about how we can help you with your project.