Blistering at Thrive

Blistering helps you to pack a certain product with the use of foil and cardboard pad.
This method is most often used for packing:
stationery products – i.e.: pencils, brushes,
cosmetics – i.e.: lipsticks,
other cosmetic accessories – i.e. toothbrushes.
Take a look at the projects completed for our customers.
(Photos of blisters with brushes and pencils)

At Thrive blistering is divided into three stages:
first, we prepare a mold for a product (similarly to thermoforming)
then we pack a product with foil,
at the end, we seal the folied product with a cardboard washer.

If you do not have a graphic design for a cardboard pad, this is not problem. We can design and prepare it for production. If you make a graphic design on your own or if it is a job of your advertising agency, we can advise you on how to prepare it to achieve the best quality.
What is very important in the blistering method is the time. In order to achieve best quality, we need to plan a certain amount of time. You should consider it while planning your own activities.
The deadline depends on different factors, i.e. :
novelty of your product – if it is brand new, we need to produce a special form. The usual time needed to prepare a dedicated form is 3 up to 4 weeks. This includes completing the specific production set.
size of your product,
order volume – large quantities (like tens of thousands pieces) require longer deadline. We cannot accelerate the production process, because we care about the quality. A machine must be programmed for such a period of time that allows us to be 100% confident of the work durability.


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