Heat-shrinkable wrapping

Heat-shrinkable wrapping – when and why to use this method?

Shrink film is commonly used for products of standard shapes and dimensions.
It can be simply illustrated by an example of compact disc (CD). A standard CD has its own packaging, but is additionally protected with foil.
Heat-shrinkable wrapping can be used either for packaging containing the product or for the product itself.
For this method we need a sealing machine and a shrink tunnel.

Concerning the process itself, uur customers pay special attention to the three factors below.

 Time – related with process planning.
 Quality performance – we achieve it thanks to our machines and knowledge.
 Price – this factor strongly depends on the product.

At Thrive we want our customers to be satisfied not only with the final product, but also with co-operation with us. Therefore we are flexible and open to our customers’ needs. We listen and advise them the best possible solutions. We engage clients only when it is really necessary. We know that our customers run their own businesses and make lots of decisions every day – packaging is only a small part of business reality. If you need tailor-made packing service, give us more details. We will prepare a calculation. Additionally you have a possibility to have your packed products delivered to a given location.

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